Civil partnerships

Information on civil partnerships and how to book a ceremony in the East Riding.

What are civil partnerships

Civil partnerships are a different legally recognised union to that of marriages. Civil partnerships and are available to both same sex and opposite sex couples. View more information about civil partnerships on the website.

Choosing a ceremony

We offer a range of ceremony packages to suit your taste. Our ceremony packages are for both weddings and civil partnerships.

Giving notice

Before you can enter into a civil partnership you must first give notice. Giving notice is a legal process which must be completed before you can have a legal ceremony. More information on giving notice can be found on our how to book page.

Choosing a venue

You can hold a civil partnership at any East Riding Council registration office or at one of the 40+ registered private venues in the east riding.

Renewal of vows

As with a wedding you can hold a renewal of vows ceremony at any point in the future at any of our registration offices or approved private venues.

Converting a civil partnership into a marriage

If you are in a same-sex civil partnership and it was registered in England, Wales or Scotland you can convert your civil partnership into a marriage. More information on converting a same-sex civil partnership into a marriage is available on the website.

To convert a same-sex civil partnership into a marriage the relevant documents are prepared and a declaration is signed at a registration office. You can also organise a celebratory ceremony to follow the signing of the declaration.

You cannot convert an opposite-sex civil partnership to a marriage in England and Wales as there is no legal route for this.

Please contact us for more information.

Booking a civil partnership

More information

If you would like more information on civil partnerships please contact us and a member of staff will be happy to help.

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