Ceremony Terms and Conditions

‘You’ means any couple intending to have a ceremony in The East Riding of Yorkshire. ‘East Riding Registration Service’ refers to East Riding Registration and Celebratory Service.

1.1 Your ceremony booking is accepted on the condition that all of the following applies to you and your partner:

  • You plan to Marry or enter a Civil Partnership in a licensed venue in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Legal provisions, eligibility, and the difference between Marriage and Civil Partnership are defined here. East Riding Registration Service is not able to advise on what is best for you.
  • You intend to be Married or enter a Civil Partnership more than 29 days from today.
  • You are both free and of legal age to Marry, or enter a Civil Partnership.

1.2 The following conditions are hereby acknowledged and accepted by you and your partner:

  • You understand that your booking is provisional and subject to review by East Riding of Yorkshire Registration Service, who will contact you to confirm your provisional booking within three working days. If you have booked via phone your booking will be confirmed on the receipt of a completed booking form.
  • You understand that you must give notice of your intention to Marry or enter a Civil Partnership and are responsible for ensuring that you complete the legal preliminaries correctly, and within the statutory time limits. Your ceremony can only take place once you have given notice within the correct timescales.
  • You realise that you must have your legal ceremony at your chosen venue within 1 year of giving notice, as Marriage* and Civil Partnership Schedules** are only valid for 1 year.
  • You understand that having given notice; if you want to change the venue of the ceremony, or if the ceremony date is booked more than 1 year since your notice, a new notice must be given.
  • You understand that if one or both of you are non-British or Irish nationals your notice period may be extended by the Home Office from 28 days up to 71 days.
  • You have checked the registration fees and will pay the relevant Non-Refundable deposit to secure this booking. For those Customers booking the Register Office £55.00 of the £57.00 is non-refundable.
  • Citizenship ceremonies are subject to regulations imposed by the Home Office therefore East Riding Registration Service cannot accept any liability for circumstances outside its control.
  • Please note that Celebratory, Naming, and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies do not give or have any legal status or rights.
  • The full ceremony fee shall be paid in full no later than 8 weeks before the date of the ceremony.
  • Foreign divorce/dissolution papers require General Register Office (GRO) approval where applicable and incur a fee. Your legal ceremony cannot proceed until approval by GRO is granted. The start of the approval process is when you give notice. GRO is responsible for civil registration in England and Wales.
  • We may contact your chosen venue to confirm your booking will go ahead.

1.3 Bookings at: The Cottingham Centre, Walkergate House, The Bartholomew Suite, Burnby Hall Ceremony Room and The White Lodge Suite (East Riding Operated Venue)*** are for the room hire including registrar’s attendance and one certificate. For all other External Approved Venues**** licensed for ceremonies within the East Riding of Yorkshire, the booking is for the registrars’ attendance and one certificate only. You will need to book the room with the external venue’s events team.

Notices (Legal Preliminaries)

2.1 On booking a notice, a non-refundable administration fee is payable by you which is converted to the notice fee if the appointment is successful. You can reschedule your appointment once, free of charge by providing two working days’ notice, but if any of the following apply you will have to pay again for another appointment:

a) You cancel the notice b) Move your notice less than 48 hours before your appointment c) The registrar was unable to take your notice, or d) You fail to attend at your appointment time

2.2 Customers agree to provide all original valid documents required to the appointment as per the guidance on our website.
2.3 Customers arriving without the correct documents are subject to the rescheduling payment of the relevant administration fee as East Riding Registration Service will not be able to take your notice.
2.4 Customers who book to give notice in the East Riding, but are not eligible to do so are not entitled to a refund.


3.1 Fees are published on our website.

3.2 East Riding Registration Service fees are subject to change each year. The fee that you pay is the one that is in force on the day of your ceremony. As East Riding Registration Service take bookings in advance, if the fee changes between the time of booking and the date of your ceremony the Registration Service reserves the right to pass on any fee increases to you.

3.3 If you book a ceremony more than one year in advance an additional fee is payable.

3.4 An administration fee is payable whenever details of a booking are changed over 14 working days from when we send your ceremony booking confirmation email or letter. This includes (but is not limited to) changing the time, date or venue of a ceremony after a booking is made, and the booking email confirmation has been sent to you.

3.5 All bookings are personal to you and are non-transferable.

3.6 Due to operational requirements the same time may not be available at all venues, so if you change ceremony venue we may not be able to provide the same time.

3.7 One deposit per ceremony booking. If multiple ceremonies are booked deposits not used are non-refundable, and cannot be transferred to the booking used.

3.8 Ceremony fees must be paid in full no later than 8 weeks before the ceremony.


4.1 In the event that you need to cancel your ceremony, you will be required to notify East Riding Registration Service in writing by either;

Email – registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk

Or by post: East Riding Ceremonies Team, Beverly Register Office, Walkergate House, Walkergate, Beveley, HU17 9BP

4.2 If you do not formally cancel your ceremony you are still liable for the full ceremony fees.


5.1 The following refunds apply in the following circumstances depending on when the cancellation is notified to the East Riding Registration Service:

  • Cancellation less than 28 days before your ceremony: no refund
  • Cancellation between 29 days and 8 weeks before your ceremony: 50% refund less the deposit.
  • Cancellation more than 8 weeks and 1 day before your ceremony: full refund less the non-refundable part of the deposit.
  • Cancellation up to 14 working days from the date booking confirmation sent: full refund.

5.2 You also acknowledge and accept that:

  • No refund will be made where you and your partner fail to notify the Registration Service after the notice of Marriage or notice of Civil Partnership of any restrictions that affect the legality of the ceremony or registration.
  • It is an offence under section 25(1) of the Immigration Act 1971 to enter into a Marriage to help facilitate a stay in the United Kingdom. If a ceremony or appointment does not go ahead due to UK Visa and Immigration intervention, no refund shall be payable or financial compensation given for any losses incurred.

5.3 Your ceremony may be cancelled by East Riding Registration Service if the total fees have not been paid within the required timeframe.

5.4 Your ceremony will be cancelled by East Riding Registration Service if Legal preliminaries cannot, or have not, been completed.

The Ceremony

6.1 East Riding Registration Service will provide the ceremony delivered at an East Riding Venue Licensed for ceremonies at a time of your choice where it has availability to do so.

6.2 You must provide two witnesses who are old enough to testify the Marriage or Civil Partnership and can speak and understand English to witness the Marriage/Civil Partnership. They must be able to clearly hear the declaration words during the ceremony.

6.3 If either party to the Marriage or Civil Partnership do not speak, or understand, English, they must bring an interpreter who fully understands / is fluent in the language of that party to the ceremony, who will also sign as a witness. The translator does not have to be an official translator; they can be a friend or family member.

6.4 The content of some ceremonies has a range of additional options that needs to be agreed with the East Riding Registration Service in advance of the ceremony. Some additional options require an additional fee. Details of this will be in the ceremony information pack, which you will have access to after you have given your notices of intent to Marry/ enter a Civil Partnership.

6.5 The content of a Marriage or Civil Partnership has legal formalities that must be adhered to. Your registrar reserves the right to stop your ceremony from proceeding if:

  • Either of the parties to a Marriage or Civil Partnership appear to be acting under duress.
  • Either of the parties to a Marriage or Civil Partnership appear to be intoxicated and are therefore unable to understand the nature and meaning of the ceremony.
  • Either of the parties to a Marriage or Civil Partnership appear to lack the mental capacity to understand the nature and meaning of the ceremony;
  • A lawful objection is made before or during the ceremony.

6.6 All ceremonies are exclusively delivered by East Riding Registration Service staff to ensure a high degree of solemnity in keeping with the occasion, and so that legal requirements are maintained. The East Riding Registration Service reserves the right to make the final decision on any wording used, and will not accept liability for any omission, which may be caused by reasons beyond its control.

6.7 If you book a more bespoke ceremony with East Riding Registration Service an additional fee is required.

6.8 East Riding Registration Service will allocate Registrars to officiate your ceremony and reserves the right to substitute other experienced and qualified staff in case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances on the day.

6.9 For fire regulations, safety, and comfort, the number of guests (which includes all babies and children) must not exceed the capacity of the room. Additional guests that exceed the official capacity will be excluded from the ceremony. Details of the room capacity for all venues can be found on our website and venue licence. The numbers shown are the numbers of people able to be in the room and must include registration staff, photographers, videographers, venue staff, any musicians, and the couple. Capacities of Venues are subject to change based on health and safety and government Public Health requirements.

6.10 No food or drink (including alcohol) are permitted to be consumed in the room/space where the ceremony is to take place one hour before, and during the proceedings, at any venue licensed for civil ceremonies in the East Riding.

6.11 Dogs (with the exception of assistance dogs) are not permitted at East Riding Operated Venues*, but this is discretionary for External Approved Venues**. Please check with your venue whether they will permit this. You must let us know if you have approval from your venue for your dog to be present during the ceremony. Dogs must be kept on a lead and be well behaved. In the event of there being a problem (for example the dog will not stop barking) you must nominate a guest to take the dog from the room.

6.12 Other Animals may be able to attend ceremonies. This will be decided on a case by case basis and subject to receipt of proof of insurance and Animal Welfare licence for exhibition of animals. This must also be approved by your venue.

6.13 If the couple would like a Ceremony outside that has been agreed with their approved venue they must notify East Riding Registration Service no later than 1 month before the ceremony. Couples take responsibility for the comfort and wellbeing of their guests for a ceremony outside. East Riding Registration Service will decide on the day if a ceremony can be held outside based on weather conditions, and such decision is final. It is recommended to speak to your approved venue about such arrangements and any back-up plans.

6.14 Live music is welcomed during External Approved Venue ceremonies, but it must not disrupt other ceremonies or cause a disturbance on the street. Musicians must set up and pack up within the allocated ceremony time. The East Riding Registration Service is not obligated to facilitate the setting up of equipment. Equipment for Live music in East Riding Operated Venues must be PAT tested.

6.15 Any gifts, flowers or general goods delivered to, or left at, the venue in conjunction with your ceremony are not the responsibility of East Riding Registration Service’s officers or council staff.

6.16 When using East Riding Registration Services’ Celebrant Service it is the responsibility of the couple to ensure a legal ceremony also takes place. Celebrant Services have no legal value and should not be confused with Civil Ceremonies.

6.17 East Riding Registration Service will not accept liability for:

  • The failure of any music system provided by the venue, yourself or a third party.
  • Any delay or loss, claims, damages, costs, expenses and any other liabilities caused by your late or non-arrival at the due date and time.
  • Any loss claims, damages, costs, expenses and any other liabilities caused by a request from you or your representatives to delay the ceremony.
  • Any loss claims, damages, costs, expenses and any other liabilities caused by a request from you or your representatives to cancel a ceremony on the day following the decision of East Riding Registration Service staff to move the ceremony inside as set out below under ‘Outside Ceremonies’.
  • Any loss claims, damages, costs, expenses and any other liabilities or compensation where a ceremony is stopped from proceeding because (a) it would be void if it went ahead, (b) an offence under the Marriage or Civil Partnership Acts would be committed, and (c) it would be against the public interest.
  • Any loss claims, damages, costs, expenses and any other liabilities or compensation if you have chosen to book, or move, your ceremony outside of the expiry date of your Marriage authorities, or Civil Partnership Schedule Validity. These are valid for one year from your notice date. If you are unsure of this date please contact registration.service@eastriding.gov.uk
  • East Riding Registration Service will not accept any liability where a ceremony is cancelled, or delayed, on the day due to the late arrival of the couple and or any guests. East Riding Registration Service reserve the right to take appropriate action to ensure other ceremonies which our staff need to attend are delivered at the agreed time. No refund will be made in these circumstances and a fee may be charged to cover the costs to the service of the delay.
  • Any loss to the extent that it is caused by a Force Majeure***** (uncontrollable) event as described below.
  • Nothing in these terms shall limit or exclude a party's liability: (a) for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or the negligence of its employees, agents or subcontractors; (b) for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any other liability which cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law.
  • Subject to the preceding condition, under no circumstances shall a party be liable to the other for any of the following, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise: (a) loss of revenue or anticipated revenue; (b) loss of savings or anticipated savings; (c) wasted expenditure; or (d) any indirect or consequential losses.

6.18 Approval of the venue is granted only in connection with the provision of Civil Ceremonies. East Riding Registration Service cannot accept liability for the failure or neglect on behalf of the venue, for any agreement between you and the venue for the use or provision of any services and/or facilities.

6.19 In the event that your licensed venue is unable to fulfil your ceremony booking East Riding Registration service will do its utmost to accommodate your new venue booking re arrangement. No admin fee will be charged in these instances. Booking your new venue will be dependent on availability.

6.20 In the event of a 'Force Majeure', East Riding Registration Service will endeavour to perform your ceremony on your chosen day. East Riding Registration Service strongly recommend that you take out ceremony insurance to cover losses or expenses incurred in the case of events outside our control.

Definitions and terms:

‘Marriage and Civil Partnership Acts’ means the Acts of Parliament (and any regulations made under those Acts) covering the legal preliminaries to, the solemnization and registration of a Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership either in a register office or approved premises within England and Wales.

‘Venue’ means Approved Premises approved by East Riding Registration Service under the Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) Regulations 2005 for the solemnization and registration of civil marriages and Civil Partnerships.

*Schedule permitting solmisation of the Marriage (The Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Act. 2019

** Schedule for the Registration of a Civil Partnership (Civil Partnership Act 2004).

***East Riding Operated Venues are those operated by East Riding Registration Service in East Riding Council Buildings.

****External Approved Venues are those who are licensed for Civil Ceremonies and are not operated directly by East Riding Registration Service.

*****'Force Majeure' means war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, governmental action, fire, flood, severe weather conditions, pandemic or epidemic or any other act or matter which notwithstanding the reasonable diligence and foresight of either East Riding of Yorkshire Council, East Riding Registration Service or its partner providers, is beyond their reasonable control.

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