How to book a wedding or a civil partnership

A step-by-step guide.

How to book

1. Choose a date

Think about a provisional date for your ceremony and decide where in the East Riding you would like your ceremony to take place.

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2. Giving notice

Before you can marry you must first complete a notice of intention at least 30 days before your ceremony. Giving notice is a legal process which must be completed before you can have a legal ceremony. It is done by booking an appointment with your local registrar once you are within a year of your date. There is a statutory fee of £35 per notice/person.

Once you have received conformation of your booking you can then arrange to give your notice. We will provide details of how to book this appointment.

Giving notice guide

It costs £35 per person to give a notice of marriage or civil partnership. You must have lived or resided in the district you intend to give notice for at least eight days. If you are not a British or Irish National, or have a divorce document from a foreign country, the fee may be higher.

You can pay by credit or with debit card over the phone at the time of booking your appointment. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments.

You can not marry if you haven't submitted your notice of intention at least 30 days before your ceremony

3. Booking your ceremony

Choose a ceremony that suits you best. You can personalise some of our ceremonies for a truly unique day.

You can check avalibility and book a marriage ceremony on our booking system:

Check availability and book

If you would like to check availability or book a civil partnership ceremony, a naming ceremony, or a renewable vows ceremony, please select 'Contact us to book' and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Private venue: you will have to pay a £150 (£100 non refundable) deposit over the phone when you book your ceremony.

Registration office: you will have to pay a £55 non-refundable deposit over the phone when you book your ceremony.

Please note: there is an extra £35 fee if the booking is made more than a year from the date of your ceremony.

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