Renewing your vows

A renewal of vows is a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage or civil partnership

A romantic way to renew your commitment

Has your love deepened or matured during the years?

Do you want to show your partner that you would marry them all over again in a heartbeat?

Or maybe you have a special wedding anniversary coming up and want to celebrate it in a way which is truly special?

A renewal of vows is the perfect way to celebrate such special occasions!

About the ceremony

What is a renewal of vows ceremony?

A renewal of vows is the perfect ceremony for any couple that wants to renew their commitment to each other. It's an opportunity to show your partner how much your relationship means to you. Some couples organise this ceremony on a special anniversary or following a marriage or civil partnership abroad.

Choose a venue

You can hold your ceremony at a private venue or at a registration office. A renewal of vows ceremony can be as big or as intimate as you want it to be. You could return to the place where you were originally married for a romantic ceremony. Make sure you know who you want to invite so you can choose a venue which will be able accommodate everyone.

About the ceremony

The ceremony is a non-religious ceremony which can be personalised in a number of ways. The length of a ceremony depends on what you have decided to include and can last anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes.

A vow renewal ceremony includes:

  • introduction and welcome
  • mention of those who cannot be present (optional)
  • first reading read by a family member or a friend (optional)
  • acknowledging the support of family and friends (optional)
  • statement from an original guest (optional)
  • acknowledging the children (optional)
  • the renewal of the vows where the couple repeats the words after the celebrant
  • re-dedication of rings or the giving of new rings (optional)
  • the giving of a gift (optional)
  • second reading by the couple or a guest (optional)
  • the signing of the certificate
  • the conclusion of the ceremony
  • time to take photos


You can personalise our vow ceremony package in a number of ways to show your partner how much your relationship means to you. You can choose to:

  • Have a poem to be read by you or a special guest
  • Pick a song which will forever remind you of this special day
  • Write your own vows. You can incorporate personal stories, use the words from your original wedding or choose from a list beautiful crafted pre-written vows
  • Ask one of your original wedding guest to read a statement or a tell a story of the day
  • Invite your original maid of honour and best man to take part in the ceremony
  • Recreate some of your favourite wedding pictures
  • Create a timeline of your life as a couple and place it on the table so people can see how you've grown together
  • Acknowledge your children, parents or anyone else who helped you during your life as a couple
  • Exchange rings. You can engrave them as a reminder of this special occasion
  • Exchange gifts


You will sign a commemorative certificate during the ceremony. The certificate will be presented to you at the end of the ceremony. A simple script of the ceremony is also available.

Our pricing

The cost of the ceremony depends on the date and location you have chosen.

Mon - Thur £160 Book
Friday £220 Book
Saturday £270 Book
Sunday/Bank Holiday £350 Book

Download ceremony fees for 2024/25


Mon - Thur £250 Book
Friday £270 Book
Saturday £350 Book
Sunday/Bank Holidays £350 Book

Download ceremony fees for 2024/25


How to book

To organise a ceremony you need to contact us more than 8 weeks in advance.

Please contact us to plan your ceremony as far in advance as possible.

If you book a date which is within 8 weeks, you will receive a standard ceremony.

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